Wine Bar

The rich cellar of the “Da Gregorio” restaurant now has 289 different labels; it includes wines from all over the world, from Australia to Chile, but without ever neglecting Italian and Campanian wine products. Since Luigi took care of it, the cellar has been the protagonist of a real leap in quality, and his wines are not only protagonists at the table, but also in the glamorous environments of the wine bar.

In fact, it is here that customers have a wide choice of cocktails and liqueurs, such as various types of gin, tequila and much more. A bright environment, furnished in a “pop” style with bright colours; an ideal youth context for various targets, from tourists who want a taste of the island’s nightlife in the summer, to Capri residents looking for a place to meet up with their friends and have fun over a good glass of wine.

The “Da Gregorio” restaurant is also the ideal location to celebrate your favorite events, and to experience unforgettable moments immersed in a location from which to fully enjoy the beauties of the island.

Rich cellar and wide selection of cocktails and liqueurs